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Hip Hop in the Park X

A Celebration of Hip Hop Roots & Kulture

May 26th 2018

Chillin' Grillin' & Illin' BBQ

This Year's Focus:

Hip Hop to the Future: Kultural Futurisms

BBQ Date & Time

May 26 2018, Noon to 7pm
Boyle Street Plaza, 9538 103A Ave., Edmonton AB.

Our New Office Location

Diversity Centre
10510 107 Ave., Edmonton AB.

The Festival That Kept Growing

10 years ago on a sunny day in March, a group of passionate Hip Hop folks got together at Naked Cyber Cafe (back when it was on Jasper Ave), and discussed throwing a block party. This was not to be just any block party. This block party was to be a peaceful protest in response to the unfair treatment of Hip Hop artists throughout the city of Edmonton. Back in 2007 the Hip Hop scene wasn't much different content-wise than it is today, but venue owners in most instances saw Hip Hop as a genre that would instigate violence. As a result it was extremely difficult to book shows, which ultimately stunted our community's artistic development, especially when it came to up and coming artists. Hip Hop in the Park became one of the only events of its kind, showcasing local up and coming artists alongside seasoned veterans on a curse-word-free stage at no charge to spectators and open to all ages. Since 2007 we have proceeded regardless of rain, mosquito plague, or sunshine, enjoying only 1 yr out of 9 without rain. We have held a free BBQ throughout these conditions, and have even had our local weatherman Josh Klassen host one year. While some might suggest moving the date, we try to make sure we are always recognizing Hip Hop Kulture during the 3rd week of May: Hip Hop Appreciation Week. Rain is water. Water is life. Our roots grow stronger and deeper every year.

Ninth Principle
May 3rd is Rap Music Day. Hiphoppas are encouraged to dedicate their time and talent to self-development and for service to their communities. Every third week in May is Hip Hop Appreciation Week (HHAW). During this time, hiphoppas are encouraged to honor their ancestors, reflect upon their cultural contributions and appreciate the elements and principles of Hip Hop Kulture. November is Hip Hop History Month. During this time hiphoppas are encouraged to participate in the creating, learning and honoring of hip-hop´s history and historical cultural contributors.

Treaty 6 Land Acknowledgement

Fourteenth Principle (Hip Hop Declaration of Peace)

Hiphoppas are encouraged to eliminate poverty, speak out against injustice and shape a more caring society and a more peaceful world. Hip Hop Kulture supports a dialogue and action that heals divisions in society, addresses the legitimate concerns of humankind and advances the cause of peace.

Fifteenth Principle (Hip Hop Declaration of Peace)

Hiphoppas respect and learn from the ways of Nature, regardless of where we are on this planet. Hip Hop Kulture holds sacred our duty to contribute to our own survival as independent, free-thinking beings in and throughout the Universe. This planet, commonly known as Earth is our nurturing parent and hiphoppas are encouraged to respect Nature and all creations and inhabitants of Nature.

It is our duty as a peace promoting community to acknowledge that the land on which we gather is Treaty 6 territory and a traditional meeting ground for many Indigenous peoples. It was also a travelling route and home to the Cree, Blackfoot, and Métis, Nakoda, Tsuu T‘ina, Chipewyan, and other Indigenous peoples. We are guests on this land, and it is important we compose ourselves accordingly.


Making The 4 Core Elements More Accessible

While some understand the 4 elements of Hip Hop to be static, Hip Hop Kulture has proven time and time again to represent a system to facilitate dialog through storytelling. Because history shows us that the Hip Hop elements exist in alternative forms well before the 1970's, it is important to look beyond the Bronx elements (breakin, deejayin, emceein, and graffiti), and acknowledge the use of these elements throughout history. While the 4 Bronx elements are to be forever honoured, these elements were a specific manifestation in a specific space at a specific time for a specific people. The Bronx elements are accessible to many, but there are many more who these elements are inaccessible to. It is important for Hip Hop Kulture to remain accessible at all times, especially to those who are most marginalized. We must adapt as effortlessly as the powers we claim hold us captive, as failure to do so is work against the spirit of Hip Hop Kulture.

Fifth Principle
The ability to define, defend and educate ourselves is encouraged, developed, preserved, protected and promoted as a means toward peace and prosperity, and toward the protection and the development of our self-worth. Through knowledge of purpose and the development of our natural and learned skills, Hiphoppas are encouraged to always present their best work and ideas.

Body / Movement

Breakin opened up to it's most accessible form becomes the age old storytelling technique of body movement. Almost every culture on the planet can be traced to some form of body movement representational of that cultures spiritual beliefs and customs.

Tactile / Rhythm

Deejayin opened up to it's most accessible form can be related to any form of rhythmic percussion. Those most drawn to this element will enjoy putting peers under a unified beat that many cultures relate to the beat of the heart.

Oral Tradition

Emceein' in it's most accessible form is often the most recognizeable technique for storytelling. The power of speech, is the basis for serving justice, determining leaders, spreading religious texts, and much much more.

Space Manipulation

Graffiti is one of the most underrated and underappreciated elements of the 4 original Bronx core. It is the only element to be criminalized despite it's most open form being the basis for heiroglyphics, cave art, famous church ceiling paintings, and even gardening or sculpting.




In partnership with iHuman youth, Sapling Poetry, Edmonton Arts Council, APIRG, Cypher Wild, Cipher 5, Breath in Poetry Collective and communities such as McDougall; Hip Hop in the Park has been fostering important community driven relationships in hopes of being better. Being better in it's vagueness can often be misinterpreted as a corrective measure, but our purpose is not to be better because we require improvement. Our goal instead is to challenge ourselves to meet our community's needs through the organizational skillsets we have developed over the last 10 years. As a result we have worked hard to find intersections between our own community and other marginalized communities. We have taken an initiative to document common needs and begin conversations regarding meeting those needs. As a result our direction this year has focused on centering marginalized voices and working towards making our community a safe space for other developing communities to take part.

The Vision


The Hip Hop in the Park Foundation is led by youth initiatives facilitated by a dedicated team of diverse organizers. The HHitP Foundation is a Non-profit organization run almost entirely on volunteer and donor power. Please consider 1 of 3 ways to support our community.

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This years programme will feature a Look Book curated by a diverse team of young folks from iHuman. To see past programmes click here.

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Kultural Events 2018

Hip Hop Appreciation Week. X-tended.

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Hip-Hop in the Park is a music and culture festival in Edmonton, Alberta held during the third week of every May, which celebrates Hip-Hop Appreciation Week. It is currently run by the Hip Hop in the Park Foundation, a non-profit organization endorsing hip-hop expression in a non-violent and positive way.

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